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Bath & Body Works Candles Versus ALDI Candles: Who Wins?

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sara holding a purple candle and smiling

Ah, Bath & Body Works! I’m sure you’ve heard people rave about their amazing candles. But after scooping up the best deal on a candle I could find, I wanted to know if they’re really worth the splurge, or if our favorite discount retail grocery store ALDI might have a surprise in store for us. Here’s what I discovered!

1. The scent options

hand holding two purple floral scented candles with white barn bag in background

For this comparison, I needed the best of the best – which I’ve heard is, hands-down, the Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle. There were so many options, I wasn’t even sure where to start. Then, I bought a candle from ALDI because people tend to rave about how cheap (and amazing) they are. Though the selection is much more limited, I looked for similar scents, color, and overall appearance. In the end, I came home with the White Barn Linen & Lavender from Bath & Body Works and the Signature Huntington Home Cranberry Dahlia from ALDI.

🏆 Scent Options winner: Bath & Body Works

2. The price comparison

various candle on a store shelf gold blue green and purple

I’m all about first impressions, so I was a little underwhelmed when I walked inside of ALDI. Everything, including the candles, seemed to just be thrown on the shelves. Not a totally thrilling shopping experience. That said, I’ve never scooped up such a great-smelling candle for such an amazing price! I grabbed the large gold ALDI candle for $7.99 and a Huntington Home candle in their Cranberry Dahlia scent for just $4.99.

Hip Tip: You can also check your local store for ALDI’s Huntington Home 3-Wick Candles for just $3.99 and if you’re lucky enough you can scoop up their Lavender scent just like my Bath and Body Works one!

linen and lavender candle in hand

Come to find out, Bath & Body Works typically only have cranberry scents around Christmas time, so I picked out the closest scent I could find for my ALDI comparison. Linen and Lavender it is! They both had floral scents, so I felt that this was my best bet at an honest comparison of the two brands. Plus, I scooped up the Bath & Body Works Butterscotch Toffee since they were on sale, smelled so good, and I loved the glass container!

hand holding a purple candle with price circled in red

If you’ve shopped at either ALDI or Bath & Body Works before, you probably have a good idea of what the price difference is going to be for candles. I was lucky enough to scoop up my B&BW candle on sale, but normally they charge $24.50 for each 3-wick candle. I could buy up to five ALDI candles for that price! Talk about the huge price difference!

🏆 Price winner: ALDI

3. The ultimate burn test

two purple candles with one wick on each burning

The burn test between these two candle brands will show how quickly the wax melts at 10 minutes, at one hour, and at two hours. If a candle burns too quickly, you could be out of those intoxicating scents and that flickering light faster than you know it (and who has money to burn?). Here’s what I discovered.

After 10 minutes.

As you can see, my Bath & Body Works candle (left) started burning much quicker in the first ten minutes. To keep things fair, I only lit one wick on my Bath & Body Works candle since my ALDI candle only had one.

ruler measuring melted wax on two purple candles

After 1 hour.

I blew the candles out after an hour to evaluate how much melted wax there was for each one. The ruler test speaks for itself! Not only is the diameter of the melted part larger on the Bath & Body Works candle (left) but I can only imagine how quickly this candle would deplete if all 3 wicks were burning! 😱

linen and lavender scented candle with melted wax and pencil dipped in wax

After another hour with all 3 wicks burning.

I had to test this out for myself! After burning all 3 wicks for an hour, the melted wax measured past the metal part of the eraser on a standard number 2 pencil. This makes me wonder: are the guaranteed Bath & Body Works truly tested?

🏆 Burn test winner: ALDI

4. How did they smell?

sara smelling purple candle while holding two candles in hand

Alright, so I know not everyone cares about how fast candles burn. What matters most is how good these candles smell. Personally, I thought both of the candles smelled so good when I picked them out in the store. I don’t like candles that are too overpowering, and I didn’t feel that either scent was “too much“. Of course, Bath & Body Works has an endless amount of options, whereas ALDI only has a few, but I was able to find one I really liked at both stores.

stick lighter lighting a purple candle with candles in the background

When testing these out at home, I made sure to put them in separate areas of the house so that I could get a good idea of what they smelled like after burning and also how their scent fills a space.

After walking into my office where I had my ALDI candle burning, I noticed the scent, but it wasn’t overpowering the room. Plus, I was really impressed with how slow the wax was melting. Simultaneously, I placed my burning Bath & Body Works candle on my nightstand while I worked from my bed, and after about 10 minutes, I noticed the scent right away. I moved it over to my dresser on the other side of my room. While I was shocked at how quickly it was burning, I also could barely stand to have it lit for the entire hour because the smell was so strong and started to give me a headache.

🏆 Scent winner: ALDI

5. So what’s my verdict on the candles?

two purple candles with one wick burnt out with melted wax

Is Bath & Body Works worth the splurge? After burning each candle for an hour, I came to a conclusion on which one I would spend money on in the future.

My overall verdict:

Given the price difference, scents and burning time, I don’t think I would ever splurge on a Bath & Body Works candle unless I was looking for a very specific smell, which in that case, I can almost guarantee Bath & Body Works would have it. With that said, the ALDI candle wins it all for me!

🏆 Overall Winner: ALDI 🎉

Which candle would you choose?

Let me know in the comments below!

Sara (sara@hip2behome.com) loves sharing decor that inspires people on a budget and finds joy in traveling to new places.  

Be sure to re-purpose those empty candle jars!

Sara W. is an evergreen content creator & photographer specializing in home decor, deals & shopping tips. She currently lives debt-free.

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Comments 30

  1. MegMc

    Aldi has their 3 wick version NEXT week. https://www.aldi.us/en/weekly-specials/aldi-finds-for-march-20/march-20-detail/ps/p/huntington-home-3-wick-candle-5/
    They’re only $3.99, and there’s even a lavender one you could compare with! My mom gets headaches from the B&BW ones, so I tend to end up with the ones gifted to her 🙂 With that being said, I like both, but would only ever buy the B&BW one if it was one of their crazy sales. As a regular Aldi shopper, I have PLENTY of the Aldi ones…

    • Sara

      Thanks so much for this awesome tip on these candles, MegMc! I wasn’t lucky enough to have these at my location but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled in the future and also let our readers know! 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Sherri

      I just got home from Aldi’s. One of the items we purchased was a candle. My first time buying one. So anyway I just so happen to start reading this. I first thought how coincidental. My second thought was, Yay I purchased the right one!!

  2. Corina

    I used to be a Yankee Candle girl, but it became too pricey. I started branching out to Better Homes and Gardens and Huntington Home. I am liking the Aldi brand candles. They are soy based and the scent is long lasting.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Good to know you have been loving the Aldi candles too! Thanks for the review, Corina!

    • sofara

      Corina, we love Better Homes and Garden Candles too! Once I started buying them I completely stopped wasting money on Yankee Candle. I actually like them more now!

  3. Veronica

    Hi! I JUST bought a candle from aldi yesterday! It says soy blend but I didn’t find any other ingredients listed. Does yours have any? I like BBW candles because they’re soy + essential oils and not with toxic fragrance but they’re so expensive! I’m wondering if the aldi candles use “fragrance” to scent their candles or if they use essential oils too.

    • Sara

      That’s a great question, Veronica! I will ask the next time I’m at the store. Since this was my first experience with both brands I’m unsure what they use. I checked the labels on my candles and the ALDI candle says “fragrance candle” and my Bath and Body Works one says “Fragrance Oils”…I don’t see anything about Essential Oils though.

      • JenNeedsCoffee

        Aldi employees likely won’t know what the candle ingredients are. That’s not really part of their job (unlike at candle stores, where they actively sell the candles and are meant to “know” the products).

    • ET

      Generally candles labeled soy candles are a soy blend (including BBW candles). If a candle doesn’t specify 100% soy, then I assume it’s a blend.

  4. ConnieP

    Bath and body works candles are frequently on sale; no thrifty shopper pays full price. Also, BBW fans all plan their life around December candle day when the price is $8.95. BBW candles do not have lead wicks.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh yes! I love shopping those sales too! Thanks a bunch for your feedback, ConnieP! Good to know!

    • Anonymous

      Not many of us have time to track candle day at BBW and 8.95 in my opinion is too much for a single candle. None of these companies should be producing lead wicks here in the states. I have not seen that in the year 2019.

  5. Catrina

    Those of us who love BBW candles know how to use coupons and stock up on their December candle sale. I tried an Aldi candle a few months ago (left over from their holiday stock), I was impressed with the price and how my house smelled! My sister has also turned me on to a Walmart candle, Juicy Watermelon for $3.33

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Ooh! That sounds like a good one too! Thanks for sharing, Catrina!

  6. Sherri

    I just got home from Aldi’s. One of the items we purchased was a candle. My first time buying one. So anyway I just so happen to start reading this. I first thought how coincidental. My second thought was, Yay I purchased the right one!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh good! Hope you love it!

  7. MamaBear5

    It’s the little things that get me excited and I’m so glad, ya’ll discovered the Aldi candles! I have been hooked since this past fall. Their scents are on point with current seasons and the prices are the best. The quality of the containers are great, as well as their burning time and scents. I’m on my way to get their recent releases!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! SO happy to hear how much you have been loving them! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to comment!

  8. Colleen

    I am a BBW candle fan but with being a family on one income, I am always looking to save money. I Love my Aldi’s store and their candles. If you have a chance, try the Garden scent for $3.99! It smells wonderful and scents my entire family room and kitchen.(open concept home) I can’t function without your posts. You provide me with constant advice, ideas, and the ability to splurge on pricey items without breaking the bank! Thank you ladies!! With your help, I scored a Barbie Dream House for my daughter’s bday at Wal-Mart for $35 after christmas!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, You’re SO very welcome, Colleen!! Super happy you have been able to grab such great savings! Thank YOU for the recommendation and the super sweet feedback! It sure means a lot! 💕

  9. Loretta

    Thanks for the review, Amber!!
    I love Aldi’s candles, Kohls Sonoma and Walmart. BBW are just too expensive for me. These others smell as good and last as long if not longer and all are so much cheaper.
    Thanks for all you and the Hip2 teams do!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re very welcome! SO glad you have been loving them too, Loretta! Thanks a bunch for the sweet comment! It sure means a lot! 💖

  10. JenNeedsCoffee

    Part of the reason the BBW candle was stronger while burning is due to that larger melt pool. The larger (and deeper) the melt pool, the stronger the scent. Yankee fanatics actually expect their candles to have a solid, deep melt pool like the one you achieved on the BBW candle. It helps ensure that you get use of the whole candle, rather than leaving a tunnel of unmelted wax. As they are designed to melt that way, yes – they are tested like that for the advertised burn time. Of course, there are always scents that don’t seem to burn as long as others. Can you tell I spent way too long in Yankee Candle forums in the past, LOL?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How interesting! Thanks for the helpful comment! Good to know!

  11. beatrice

    Bath and Body Works candles are way overpriced and give me a headache. And with their sales, I have to stock up. No thanks. Aldi and Walmart’s Better Homes & Gardens version are the best, no coupon needed and I never have to stock up to get a deal.

  12. Mamasweetpea

    The reason why the aldis candle burned slower is because it is a soy candle. Soy candle burn cooler and generally last up to 50% longer in some cases than paraffin candles and is much less toxic. BBW and Yankee candles are popular but many are paraffin based. From bbw faq “Bath & Body Works currently offers two different formulas of wax for our candles. The main ingredients for all formulas are vegetable wax, paraffin wax, and soy. Our Signature Collection Candles are considered vegetable wax candles. Although soy is an ingredient, our candles are not considered soy candles.” I’ve purchased and gifted all 3 (BBW, Yankee, luxury soy candles) but over time as I learn more, I’ve been leaning more towards vegetable or soy candles. On a different note, the last time I checked out aldis soy candles, I preferred the slightly more expensive spa single wick candle to their 3 wick one because the scent was more mellow and relaxing rather than too sweet or too strong. Diamond candles are fun too.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Good to know!

  13. Patricia

    Since I started diffusing essential oils,I don’t like the artificial smell of candles. I diffuse at work, in the car and at home and my oily collection from Plant Therapy is a big one. Have oils for all kinds of moods and situations 😉

    • MP

      Same here. I love my diffuser where I can set the strength & frequency of it turning on. I also get my essential oils from Plant Therapy directly from their website. I’m disappointed with Aldi candles. They don’t burn evenly and the wick is burned down with lots of leftover wax. Never had that issue with Bath & Body Works candles.

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